This page has been created in response to Frequently Asked Questions.

1. When I join, Can I hold any rank? 1A. No. To hold rank in this group, you must meet certain requirements. Those requirements are in our by laws. All persons joining regardless of age will be privates. Certain ranks are voted on each year by the full membership. How the voting is done will not be changed. This process is in place to ensure fairness.
2. Can I wear any medals that I purchase? 2A. No. Medals can only be worn if you have earned them. There are requirements for each medal. We do not want any dime store generals in our ranks.
3. I do not own a rifle, Can I borrow one? 3A. NO. You must own your own weapon. We can not loan out weapons.
4. Does your group have to pay dues? 4A. Yes, we have an annual dues system that is in place to help offset the cost of insurance, this website, and administrative costs. At this time dues are $25 per year.
5. What costs other then uniform, gear, and dues, should I expect to have? 5A. You will have the cost of events , food, and blank ammo. If you ride with someone, shared gas cost.
            Events run in the range of $15 to $45 per event, usually most events are about $20.
            Blank ammo can run you $25 to $30 per 100 rounds. How much you need, will depend on how much you shoot.
            Food, We usually have a few people make food for all of us, then reimburse them. We usually have 3 meals @ $5 per meal. This also helps to promote commeraderie. You can choose to make your own meals, if you prefer.
6. Can I use a Marushin MP40 cap gun? No they are not capable of the sound you need at a reenactment. In short they suck!
7. I am not 18 (or older), Can I still join? Yes, but certain restrictions apply. Ask about our junior membership.
Due to insurance reasons, anyone under 18 can not use a weapon.