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How to install those *&%^$# belt hooks

The pictures below will take you step by step through this process.
Not to put any pressure on any of you, but my 11 year old daughter was able to follow these instructions.

Step 1

This view is the inside of the back of the M-42 tunic made by Lost Battalions.

Step 2

Flip the strap up and place the hook beside as shown.

Step 3

Place the hook into the desired hole as shown.

Step 4

Now loop the hook through the second hole below the first as shown. (In this position it is actually above)
The second hole can be the next hole directly under the first or skip one and place it into the next.

Step 5

Now push the hook all the way through as shown.

Step 6

Flip strap back down and place hook into the desired tunic hole as shown.

Step 7
Do the same for the other three and you are finished.